Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Assembly... (I mean) .. CFD Required .....

If you are in the market for furniture and see the words "some assembly required" things can get a bit scary.  They are even more petrifying when your starting point is at the Home Depot lumber department. The same can be true for computational fluid dynamics a.k.a. CFD, math, fluid dynamics, "rocket science". 

If you are designing an airplane, CFD can be a tremendous help and time-saving tool.  However, if it takes you months to learn, weeks to grid a respectable geometry and produces "fuzzy math" as the solutions then you will not "save time and money".

Luckily the phrase "some assembly required" often means that your only tool is a screw-driver. If you have teenagers, it means that your only task is just to buy the bookshelf.

The same applies to Stallion 3D,  our easy-to-use vertical analysis tool for external aerodynamics. 

To analyze your airplane design, simply import your 3D CAD model into the program:

Step 1. Import CAD drawing of
Cessna from openVSP.

Next, the difficult part ("some CFD required") is to choose the grid size. Small for quick exploratory analysis and large to check your solutions.

Step 2.  Choose a grid size

The next step is to test how well your design performs at specific flight conditions.  You enter speed, angle of attack and side-slip angles.

Step 3.  Enter speed, angle of attack and sideslip.

Like your teenager, Stallion 3D will do all the assembly work for you.  It will automatically generate the grid and analyze the flow field.

Step 4.  Simply click the generate grid/solve flow menu.

After a few hours (depending on the computer/laptop speed and grid size), you can see the results in meaningful numbers (lift, drag, moments or the coefficients).

Step 5. Look at the results and assess the performance of your design.

The idea here is that Stallion 3D is an aerodynamics software that uses powerful built-in CFD tools.  Designers and engineers use the software to analyze concepts and choose the most promising to move forward in the project.

More information about Stallion 3D can be found at

Do not hesitate to email or telephone us at (352) 240-3658 if you have questions.

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