Friday, August 24, 2012

NASA's OpenVSP Hangar

NASA Open Vehicle Sketch Pad now has a hangar area with many 3-D models that you can use for inspiration and guides for your own original designs.  The url is:  The hangar currently lists 74 models for download.

 I used Stallion 3D to analyze some of the models in the hangar.  Simply export the model from  Open Vehicle Sketch Pad in the .stl format and Stallion 3D can read in and analyze the geometry.  The software can  model subsonic, transonic and supersonic external flow fields.  More information can be found at
The following are some pictures from Stallion 3D.

Surface pressure on the surface of the F5 model at a speed of 290 m/s.

Velocity near the surface of the Q2-Model at V=100 mph.

Pseudo-Top-Gun Scene using the F15 for the F14 and the F5 standing in as the MIG. The airplanes were analyzed at a speed of 290 m/s.

Hypersonic waverider model at mach number of 6 (surface Mach number)

Surface pressure for the waverider model at M=6

More information about NASA's Open Vehicle Sketch Pad can be found at
More information about Stallion 3D can be found at

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