Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stallion 3D Comes to The Aerodynamics ClassPack

Every student in your class (or member of your small business group) can have a copy of the Aerodynamics ClassPack on their notebook computer for the entire year!

ClassPack is a yearly class/group license of our software suite consisting of  Stallion 3D, MultiSurface Aerodynamics, MultiElement Airfoils and VisualFoil Plus. Each module in ClassPack has proven accuracy and utility in both the professional and academic worlds.

The advantages of ClassPack include:
  • engaging content for lectures and labs
  • independent student activities
  • complete software packages (no need to purchase extra pre & post processing tools)
  • engineers and students do not need to have advanced aerodynamics or computer programming skills
  • accurate solvers for realistic project and lab experiments
  • interactive visualizations for engaging aerodynamics presentations and lectures
  • standard graphs (as you will find in text books or reports) & analysis for reports and capstone year end projects
  • design interface for international design competitions
  • ideally suited for fulfillment of design credits
  • already used in industry for aerodynamics conceptual analysis & design
Under the ClassPack license, all engineers, faculty, staff & students involved with a specific small business group or academic class will be able to access the software suite under a single class password.
The software can be installed in the classroom,  engineer or faculty offices, group members and students' PCs or notebooks and in labs associated with the class.

Stallion 3D race car simulation. Graph show surface velocity in m/s.

The Aerodynamics ClassPack Suite is ideally suited for:
  • aerodynamics conceptual analysis and design
  • introductory courses in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics
  • intermediate courses covering flow fields, airfoil analysis, 3D wing analysis & design, compressible flows & boundary layers and high lift devices
  • advanced courses covering 2-D panel methods, 3-D vortex lattice methods and finite volume CFD methods
  • senior projects & design-build-test competitions
  • consulting projects
  • aircraft, marine and automobile design and analysis
  • transonic and supersonic aircraft design and analysis

Stallion 3D Simulation of NASA CRM, 800K+ cells, 5% error in Cl/Cd (Cl=0.58).

The following modules are available in our class pack:
The introductory price for one year of the Aerodynamics ClassPack is $2,995.  Please click here to purchase.

For more information, please visit or call us at (352) 240-3658.
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